Untie Your Speakers by Using Bluetooth Receivers

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Lately manufacturers have started to offer Bluetooth audio transmitters and receivers in order to make regular loudspeakers wireless. These options are good if you have a Bluetooth-enabled device. However, you can also use these wireless products for when you want to stream music from a regular source to some speakers without having Bluetooth speakers nor a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

some decent wireless speakers

Let me explain how this is done. If you do have a Bluetooth-enabled phone then you do not need a dedicated transmitter. All you need is an amplifier that supports Bluetooth. …

How to Use Wireless Speakers in Outdoor Applications

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There are a plethora of different applications available for using wireless loudspeakers. I will highlight some of these applications and also offer some advice for avoiding mistakes when installing speakers.

Amphony ifinity wireless speakers

One common application for using wireless speakers as shown at http://www.amphony.com/products/wireless-speaker.htm are outdoor events. It is often a hassle to run wires from inside the home to the outdoors. A wireless connection is the logical choice. Obviously, depending on what type of audio source you have, you might either prefer traditional wireless speakers which are bundled with the transmitter or …

Some Tips for Installing Audio Amplifiers

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Audio power amplifiers are an essential component. They are the link between your audio source and your speakers. The quality of your overall audio system depends a lot on the quality of this essential part. When purchasing an audio amplifier, do your proper research. Don’t purchase one because it might be very inexpensive. Rather balance the performance of the amplifier with the cost. Also, keep in mind the wattage rating of you speakers and the size of your room. These factors will impact your choice when picking an audio amplifier.…

An Explanation of the Inner Works of Wireless Speakers

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This post is mostly designed for people experienced in wireless audio design. You should have a fundamental understanding of how wireless speakers work. You should also know the terms digital audio transmission and digital modulation. I’m going to focus on some methods which were designed to enhance the quality of service of wireless speakers.

Digital audio transmission, as you realize, is much better suited for providing high quality of service then FM transmission. The data which is being transmitted instead of the role audio, can be repaired inside the speakers. …