Untie Your Speakers by Using Bluetooth Receivers

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Lately manufacturers have started to offer Bluetooth audio transmitters and receivers in order to make regular loudspeakers wireless. These options are good if you have a Bluetooth-enabled device. However, you can also use these wireless products for when you want to stream music from a regular source to some speakers without having Bluetooth speakers nor a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

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Let me explain how this is done. If you do have a Bluetooth-enabled phone then you do not need a dedicated transmitter. All you need is an amplifier that supports Bluetooth. Simply connect the output of the amplifier with your regular speaker. Some manufacturers include speaker wires within the package so you don’t need to go out and purchase speaker wire. Next, power on the amplifier and do a scan on your cell phone to find the name of the amplifier. It show up as a Bluetooth device when you do a scan.

If you don’t know the name of your amplifier then contact the manufacturer. However, if the amplifier is the only Bluetooth device nearby then it should show up at the top of the list. Next, connect your phone with the amplifier and you are all set for streaming audio to your speakers. Make sure that you don’t turn up the volume too high because that can easily damage the speaker.

If you don’t have a phone or other device that supports streaming of music via Bluetooth then you can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter. Such transmitters are readily available online and in retail stores. Typically these transmitters connect to a phone or other portable device by using a short audio cable. This cable in some cases is attached to the transmitter. Once plucked then, you can then push the sync button on your transmitter. Then power on the amplifier and both the transmitter and the amplifier should sync up. At this point you should be able to stream music from your device via the Bluetooth transmitter.

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Instead of purchasing an amplifier with Bluetooth, you can also purchase a regular audio receiver and connect an external amplifier. This option allows a bit more flexibility because you can scale the amplifier precisely to your speaker. In addition, if you own active speakers then you do not need an amplifier because the speakers connect directly to a line-out audio output. In most cases, you would connect to such speakers by using an RCA cable. Bluetooth receivers typically offer a headphone audio output. Therefore, you will need a headphone-to-RCA cable converter.