How to Purchase Audio Equipment at a Discount

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In this post I will offer some tips for getting audio stuff for less than the listed manufacturer retail price. The problem is that many manufacturers have minimum advertise pricing which means that a retailer will not be able to advertise a specific product for less than that the price that is stipulated by the manufacturer. Therefore, even though online retailers oftentimes will compete with one another in terms of price this mechanism prevents this type of competition. Therefore, you lose out as a customer.

However, they are some ways around this. First of all, the thing is that this price is a minimum advertise price. That means that a retailer is not allowed to list this particular product for less than the minimum price. However, that doesn’t mean that the retailer cannot sell you the product at a lower cost. Therefore, I would start talking with your retailer to see if they are willing to offer you a discount. Sometimes, retailers will be able to discount products if you purchase several products at the same time. So if you are planning on getting some other stuff in a long with the audio gear then this might be a good way to talk to your retailer. Purchasing a larger volume will always give you leverage. Also, if you have some friends were also planning to purchase items from the same retailer then you can combine your purchases and have more bargaining power that way.

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Also, there are certain festivals such as black Friday where you will find discounts which are approved by manufacturers. So I would stick around and wait if you can until those events occurred to find out whether any particular product will be discounted.

In addition, you can purchase products refurbished or used. Products which are sold in any of these conditions are not bound by the minimum advertise pricing. That means that even though a product is still practically new you can purchase it at a lower cost. Shop around and find out if anybody has any demo products which were used for while to showcase a product which you might be able to get for steal.